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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 3 13:29:18 MST 2014

If I ever found myself on a plane where such bullshit was going on, I'd 
make such a scene that they'd probably drag me off the plane and send me 
to Gitmo.


I’m just off a weeklong holiday trip involving some legs on Southwest 
Airlines. It’s easily my favorite airline and I enjoy the liberty they 
give to the flight attendants to act out their personalities, although I 
get the sense that much of their schtick originates in-house.

On one of the flights there were some young, uniformed military 
personnel. I had noticed in the pre-flight waiting area a young man and 
woman, both in camouflage fatigues, she with a large backpack. As we 
inched to the gate at the end of one leg, an attendant solemnly 
requested that all passengers remain seated while these – in rough 
paraphrase – brave men and women who have just been deployed overseas 
and will be fighting on our behalf so that we may remain free have the 
honor of exiting first. This request was greeted by some polite 
applause, and then a woman began singing God Bless America. Several 
seemed to join her but it quickly died out. And then the troops exited 
to more applause.

full: http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/01/03/patriotism-signs-of-saturation/

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