[Marxism] Workers’ Left Front MP (Argentina) to speak in London

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Fri Jan 3 21:52:00 MST 2014

In case anyone is in London and is interested, here's more info, don't miss


Dates: Monday January 6th at 7.30pm (Lambeth) and Tuesday 7th January 2014
at 7pm (central London)

Christian Castillo, recently elected deputy for Buenos Aires Province, will
be speaking on the recent election campaign, waged by the Workers’ and Left
Front (FIT) on its policies and on the class struggle in Argentina. The FIT
brings together the PTS (Partido de Trabajadores Socialistas) of which
Christian is a leading member, the PO (Partido Obrero) and the IS
(Izquierda Socialista). It gained over 1 million votes or 5.11 per cent
nationally in the October 27 elections, gaining three seats in the
Argentine Congress and eight seats in various provincial parliaments. FIT
MP, and member of the PTS, Nicolás del Caño, said on taking his seat in
December: ”We are going to put our parliamentary seats at the service of
the workers’ struggles against the employers, the government and the union
bureaucracy. We are going to support the struggle to recover the unions, in
order to confront austerity and the limits on wages that the government
wants to impose. Our parliamentary seats will also be a platform and a
rostrum, so that the struggle of the women’s movement against the clerical
reform of the Civil Code and for the law that will guarantee legal, safe
and free abortion, can be expressed.”

There will be ample time for all to contribute.

Lambeth. Monday January 6th 7.30.pm Vida Walsh Centre,
26 Saltoun Rd, SW2 1EP (south side Windrush Sq)

Central London
7.00pm, Tuesday 7 January 2014
The Conference Room
YMCA Indian Student Hostel
41 Fitzroy Square
London W1T 6AQ

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