[Marxism] Israel and the Syrian War

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Israel and the Syrian War


This is not an article, but a collection of links. Among those leftists 
defending the Assad dictatorship and its brutal war on its people, many 
claim the opposition does not consist only of proxies of Saudi Arabia, 
Qatar, other Gulf states and Turkey, but also proxies of Israel. This is 
odd, given Israel's well-documented preference for a victory of a 
weakened Assad over any of the available alternatives. Assad, after all, 
has not only maintained total peace - without even symbolic moves - on 
the border of the Israeli-annexed Syrian Golan Heights for 40 years, a 
policy which Israel quite rightly does not trust any of the Syrian 
opposition to continue, but has also led countless attacks on 
Palestinians, their refugee camps, their organisations and their 
militants, including major aggression in 1976, 1983 and 1985-86 - and 
now, in countless criminal bombings and starvation sieges of Palestinian 
camps in Syria. See my article on this sordid history here: 

Yet the occasional Israeli leader holds a dissident view. Israel, after 
all, is a "democracy," as long as you are White and Jewish. So when 
retired Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, recently asserted 
that Israel's interest was in a victory of the bad guys not connected to 
Iran (ie, the Syrian rebels) over the bad guys connected to Iran (ie, 
the Assad regime), the pro-Assad left spread it round their websites 
like wildfire - finally they had found the unique voice of an Israeli 
leader that validated their assertions. Alas, the reason for this 
wildfire was precisely that it was so unique. How do the views of one 
retired ambassador compare in weight to the mass of views expressed in 
these 24 sources below by so many top Israeli political leaders, IDF 
leaders, Mossad and other intelligence officials, top strategists and 

1. "The Israeli Position toward the Events in Syria" looks at varying 
views among different sections of the Zionist ruling class and weighs 
them up, rather than assuming there is "an Israeli view." This article 
covered the view above - regarding Syria as the link between Iran and 
Hezbollah - but also other concerns, particularly that the Assad dynasty 
has maintained its border with the Israel-occupied Golan Heights 
meticulously quiet for 40 years, which may not be the case if it is 
overthrown - and came to the conclusion that, overall, for the Zionist 
rulers, the dangers of the overthrow of Assad outweigh the possible 
benefits, despite differing views. In particular, given this paper was 
written in May 2011, just a few months into the uprising and long before 
it descended into armed conflict, the author's conclusions are 

i. Israel would prefer that the Syrian regime not be peacefully 
ii. Israel would prefer not to respond to the Syrian people's demand for 
freedom and democracy
iii. Israel hopes that the Syrian regime will resort to repressive and 
bloody responses to the intifada instead of entering into negotiations 
with the various shades of opposition, and reaching political solutions 
that ensure real and comprehensive reforms
iv. Israel prefers the continuation of a Syrian regime founded on 
tyranny and corruption in its mode of governance, as evidenced by 
various Israeli statements to this effect
v. Israel would prefer that Syria descends into a state of sectarian 
conflict that would continue as long as possible, rather than a Syrian 
transformation from situation of struggle to one of freedom and 

Clearly, Assad played the Israeli card perfectly 


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