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David P Á david at miradoiro.com
Fri Jan 3 23:55:03 MST 2014

Unfortunately I am not new to the particular form of crazy that ESR is
into. Most charming is his defence of patriarchy on spurius
sociobiological grounds, on posts like "Reconsidering sexual repression"
at http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=3768

> If we give up family formation it’s game over; we’ll be outbred by cultures that don’t. So that’s off the table. Following out the logic, the demographic
> future will belong to cultures that give up either sexual liberty or sexual equality, or both.
> But those options aren’t symmetrical. Because, remember, the problem with today’s sexual economics is not symmetrical. It’s not women who are bailing out
> of the marriage market in droves, it’s men. Accordingly (as the author of the NY Post recognizes) the odds of rolling back sexual liberty are close to
> nil. Men don’t have to play on those terms for fundamental bioenergetic reasons (release of semen is cheap), and women post-Pill are demonstrating an unwillingness
> to try to make them. Because, you know, more sex (see “miswiring”, above).
> I am led to a conclusion I don’t like. That is: Sexual equality is unstable. If women can’t buy marriage with sex, they’ll have to bid submission instead.
> This tactic also combines well with hypergamic desire – if the mean social power of men is automatically higher than that of women, more potential pairings
> constitute marrying up.
> I don’t have a submissive wife and never wanted one. I like strong and independent women. It therefore horrifies me to reach the conclusion that sexually
> repressive patriarchies may after all be a better deal for most womens’ reproductive success than the relative equality they have now is. But that’s where
> the logic leads.

This together with his obsessive gun nuttery don't exactly make me
happy, though I'm fortunately geographically well away. How anyone on
the left can get along with the reactionary shit is beyond me, and I've
said as much as I intended to about it.


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