[Marxism] Geneva Deal Sparks New International Investor Interest in Iran - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jan 4 07:08:54 MST 2014

Bernbeck tells a story that he thinks perfectly illustrates the current 
situation in Tehran: Not a single top European official came to 
President Rohani's inauguration, as agreed by the EU member states' 
representatives in Brussels. But the very next day the government in 
Rome sent a high-ranking emissary to personally congratulate the new 
Iranian head of state.

Now the planes from Europe are "full of Italians," Bernbeck quips, 
including managers from Italian energy giant Eni. France is also on the 
move. In a deal worth billions, the French are about to renew their 
licensing contract for supplying Peugeot conponents to Iranian carmaker 
Iran Khodro. "And the Americans are already here with ExxonMobil, 
Chevron Corporation and other US companies," he says, adding: "They are 
responsible for renovating the old oil production facilities and 
refinery industry, as well as exploring new oil fields. That's a huge 
multibillion-euro business."


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