[Marxism] CM09: The Maghreb | Critical Muslim

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jan 4 07:58:54 MST 2014


This issue has an article by me on "The Jews of the Maghreb" that I am 
very proud of. Since it is only available in the print edition, I 
strongly encourage my fans--all 6 of you--to pick up a copy at where 
better journals are sold in Britain, and better yet to take out a 
subscription. The magazine is co-edited by the estimable Robin 
Yassin-Kassab and Ziauddin Sardar, the author of many excellent books on 
Islam, imperialism, postmodernism, etc. I read Sardar's "Postmodernism 
and the Other: New Imperialism of Western Culture" about a dozen years 
ago and it left a powerful impression on me. Some of the articles are 
online and I strongly invite you to bookmark the website and follow The 
Critical Muslim.

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