[Marxism] Cartoonist R. Crumb Assesses 21 Cultural Figures, from Dylan & Hitchcock, to Kafka & The Beatles | Open Culture

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jan 4 08:07:44 MST 2014

Robert Crumb is 2 years older than me. I am happy to see that we have 
identical views on two key cultural figures.

On Jack Kerouac: “When I was 17, I read On The Road, and it sickened me, 
because my reaction was, ‘Oh God, these guys are out there having so 
much fun. I’m not having any fun at all. I’m just sitting here in my 
parents house. But them — the girls, the adventures, they’re just like 
having a fuckin’ lark On The Road.’”

On Martin Scorsese: ”I think Goodfellas is probably the best film about 
the modern American crime syndicates. Casino was kind of a follow-up to 
Goodfellas, and I didn’t think it was quite as good. Probably Goodfellas 
got so much praise it kind of went to his head so everybody got together 
and made this indulgent film. It had it’s good parts, it was good, it 
just wasn’t as good as Goodfellas. For one thing, there were too many 
close ups on DeNiro’s face. I just kept wanting the camera to back-off. 
OK, you think the guy’s great looking, but Jesus, OK, it’s enough, 

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