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The Syrian Double Revolution and the Euro-Leftist Double Impotency

Posted by Leil-Zahra on 1/04/14 • Categorized as English

Since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution many radical Leftist groups 
and networks, both on the international and local levels in Europe and 
around the world, have engaged in a heated debate on wether to support 
the revolution or not, on wether it was a revolution or an imperialist 
conspiracy. The European counterargument against the revolution had a 
quite-telling approach that was different from many in the rest of the 
world. It wasn´t just the usual claim that the Assad regime is one of 
the last-standing anti-imperialist forces. That claim became weaker in 
Europe after the aggravation of the regime crimes accompanied with 
hard-to-deny evidence on its brutality continuously coming out from 
Syria. Many within the European Left over and over affirmed that they 
will not support what is happening in Syria until they find 
revolutionary forces worthy of their support. The difference in approach 
was in the claim that there was no third option that is “revolutionary” 
and that poses a substitute to both the Assad regime and the Islamist 
militias. This approach wasn´t only problematic in its privileged 
laziness in not doing the needed effort to find these networks in Syria, 
but also in its White-tailored presets for what is a “better future” for 
the Syrians. It is the cliché and banal dichotomy of Secular vs. 
Islamist, something very reminiscent of Huntington´s “Clash of 

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