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Sergii Kutnii mnkutster at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 10:18:44 MST 2014

Ukrainian anarchist dispels myths surrounding Euromaidan protests,
warns of fascist influence

Asheville Fm radio, based in western North Carolina, aired a
fascinating interview with an anarcho-syndicalist named Denys, from
the Autonomous Worker’s Union in Ukraine. In the interview, Denys
debunks many of the myths surrounding the Euromaidan protests in
Ukraine, and explains motives behind the stories and propaganda being
circulated around the protests.

Why is the Free Association Agreement with the EU (which would mostly
benefit the ultra-rich oligarchs of Ukraine) deliberately being
construed as actual integration? Ukrainian leaders backed off from
signing it at the last minute. Meanwhile, Russia is trying to pull
Ukraine into her Customs Union by offering Kyiv a deal for promised
purchases of billions of euro of Ukrainian products, and a 30 percent
discount on Russian Natural Gas.

Denys explains that when the protests broke, the political class of
Ukraine was taken by surprise. However, the opposition, a coalition
leaning towards far-right (with fascist Svoboda being the most visible
of them all) quickly regrouped and turned the street into their PR
machine. The opposition had massive demonstrations in their plans, as
fascist Svobodas leader declared in an interview in March 2013.
Evidence emerged of the opposition leaders plans to overthrow the
current government with the financial and political support of
Germany’s conservative Angela Merkel, the EU leaders from Brussels,
and with visible support of the United States, whose envoy,
conservative John McCain was the guest star of the Euromaidan.

Two months after they started, Euromaidan protests started to wane,
despite being forcefully encouraged by the conservative political
elites and governments of Europe and the United States. These protests
have been controlled by the politicians who took over the Kyiv City
Hall, and in this video, we can see a neo-nazi white pride Christian
cross, proudly displayed by the opposition in their “Revolutionary
HQs,” the City Hall of Kyiv which they occupied earlier in December.


In this interview, Denys explains what are the real facts and how are
they reflected in a labyrinth of deformed mirrors, which one must
remove from their way to understand the reality of life in Ukraine, a
country where “people are ill because the State is a Ministry, Court,
Oligarch, Scoundrel and non-accountable Parliament all at once, with
all the same personalities over and over again.”


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