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On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 10:55 PM, David P Á <david at miradoiro.com> wrote:

> Unfortunately I am not new to the particular form of crazy that ESR is
> into. Most charming is his defence of patriarchy on spurius
> sociobiological grounds, on posts like "Reconsidering sexual repression"
> at http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=3768
> ...
> This together with his obsessive gun nuttery don't exactly make me
> happy, though I'm fortunately geographically well away. How anyone on
> the left can get along with the reactionary shit is beyond me, and I've
> said as much as I intended to about it.
> --David.
Seeing how you feel about ESR, you probably really despised Malcolm X, a
Muslim cleric with all the reactionary views that implies, a womaniser who
was often pictured with a gun in his hands. This is what he had to say
about women:

*Malcolm X on women & marriage*
> "As a young minister I wouldn’t have considered it possible for me to love
> any woman. I had too much experience that women were only tricky,
> deceitful, untrustworthy flesh. I had seen too many men ruined or tied
> down, or in some other way messed up by women. Women talk too much, and to
> tell a woman not to talk too much, would be like telling Jesse James not to
> carry a gun, or telling a hen not to cackle. Can you imagine Jesse James
> without a gun, or a hen that didn’t cackle, and for anyone in leadership or
> position as I am. The worst thing in the world that a man could have, is
> the wrong woman. Samson was destroyed by the woman that slept in his arms.
> It had been 10 years since I thought anything about a woman or a mistress,
> and as a minister now I was thinking even less about getting a wife------"
But unlike you, I don't make Marxist "political correctness" or anybody's
"political correctness" a reason for denying an individual, or a groups,
contributions to the revolutionary movement. Malcolm X has made important
contributions to this in spite of his backwards views on a range of
subjects and so has ESR.

Lenin used poison gas to put down a peasant revolt. Are you prepared to
write him off too?

Nobody's prefect, meaning anybody can play the sort of games you are
playing here, nitpicking selected quotes to condemn a body work work that,
on the whole, has moved humanity forward.

Nobody's perfect, meaning revolutions are made by imperfect people.

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