[Marxism] Radical Anthropology talks in London: gender, Chomsky, Lévi-Strauss, egalitarianism.....

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Sun Jan 5 08:13:32 MST 2014

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Radical Anthropology

The Science of Mythology

Spring 2014

Symbolic culture emerged in Africa over 100,000 years
ago, in a social revolution whose echoes can still be heard in myths and
rituals around the world. These talks are a general introduction to anthropology,
including the latest findings from genetics, evolutionary biology, primatology,
cave painting research and archaeology. There is hot food in the venue and
plenty of time afterwards for socialising in local pubs. 
Jan 14       Gender, resistance, and the origins of English transnationalism (1558 - present) Sandra Hausner

21       The song-lines of Aboriginal Australia                                                    Chris Knight

28       The evolutionary emergence of language          Chris Knight and Jerome Lewis

4         Conceptions of life and death in lowland South
America                 Istvan Praet

Feb 11      Chomsky, anarchism and the military mind                                         Chris

18      Egalitarian hunter-gatherers in the East
African Rift Valley         Thea

25      The magic of law in Upper Amazonia                                                Harry Walker

4        Bunbangfai: Buddhism and the carnivalesque.                                  Paul Twinn

11      Dance, play, laugh: What capitalism can’t do                         Morna Finnegan

18      Introducing Claude Lévi-Strauss: the science
of mythology          Chris Knight

25      A Plains Indian myth: ‘The wives of the sun and moon’
                Chris Knight

1         The trickster: core of hunter-gatherer
religion                              Camilla

8         An Amazonian myth: ‘The hunter Monmanéki and his wives’      Chris Knight

    These talks are free but we
ask for a donation of £1-£5 to cover expenses. We meet at 88 Fleet Street, London EC4 1DH

to St Bride’s church, 5 mins walk from Blackfriars tube)

Tuesday evenings, 6.15–9.00 pm.

For regular updates on meetings and
anthropology news, please follow us on Twitter (@radicalanthro)
and Facebook



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