[Marxism] The collapse of the U.S. Socialist Organization Solidarity?

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 23:11:06 MST 2014

The following was just posted to Solidarity's facebook page by my alter-ego:

*  *  *

As those of us who imagined we were members surely have found out by 
now, for all practical purposes the socialist group Solidarity has 
collapsed as a national organization.

For nearly a month members have been blocked from posting to the main 
national email list or other lists (work groups, etc.). There's not been 
a word of credible explanation save that it is some problem with a 
service called "groupspaces."

Yeah, sure.

Today I received an insult from comrade Alex via the groupspaces list, 
which seems non-functional except for some people, to the effect that 
the National Committee and Political Committee lists have been restored.


I am tempted to say "I quit," except that for all practical purposes, 
the reality is that I've already been expelled.

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