[Marxism] First New Year's Posts on the Syrian Revolution from Linux Beach

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 23:43:56 MST 2014

      Bashar al-Jihad: Is ISIS a child of the regime?

> Bashar al-Assad is one smart mass murderer. He has been saying all
> along that he is fighting al Qaeda and not a revolutionary movement of
> the Syrian people while at the same time letting al Qaeda leaders,
> many of them known terrorists and murderers, out of his prisons so
> they can provide /"leadership"/ to the al Qaeda like groups, the ISIS
> and al Nusra, that are proving to be a boon to him and a plague on the
> democratic opposition.
> Assad also has a history of attacking the Free Syrian Army more that
> he attacks these jihadist groups, while they have a very spotty record
> of attacking the regime. Assad also has a practise of bombing Syrian
> civilians in schools, hospitals and breadlines while leaving the camps
> and headquarters of these groups untouched.
> This strategy is working well for the regime. It has caused many that
> claimed to support the struggle for democracy in Syria to turn their
> backs on the revolution in the name of /"stability,"/ claiming that
> the victory of his regime is essential for the /"war on terror."/ It
> has allowed US President Barack Obama to come out of the closet with
> his support for Bashar al-Assad
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2012/09/barack-obama-courtship-of-bashar-al_4519.html>.
> He is quickly manuvering to openly put the United States openly on
> Assad's side.
> Shamefully, it has been used by much of the US Left to defend the
> genocidal regime as better than the only alternative they chose to
> recognize. Shamefully is has been used my much of the US Left to turn
> its back on the most important revolution of the 21st century to date.
> Here is a collection of some of the most recent articles on these
> important developments.
I didn't write this one but thought it well worth reprinting:

      The Syrian Double Revolution and the Euro-Leftist Double Impotency

> Many within the European Left over and over affirmed that they will
> not support what is happening in Syria until they find revolutionary
> forces worthy of their support. The difference in approach was in the
> claim that there was no third option that is "revolutionary" and that
> poses a substitute to both the Assad regime and the Islamist militias.
> This approach wasn´t only problematic in its privileged laziness in
> not doing the needed effort to find these networks in Syria, but also
> in its White-tailored presets for what is a "better future" for the
> Syrians. It is the cliché and banal dichotomy of Secular vs. Islamist,
> something very reminiscent of Huntington´s "Clash of Civilizations".
> It also bears a certain condescending patronization on who is worthy
> of demanding an end to a certain terrorist regime and who is not. This
> is a very dangerous approach. It is a clear double-standard in the
> alleged radical Leftist agenda, and a quite revoking one. Any people,
> whether we agree with them or not, who are living under such an
> oppressive and violent regime, has the right to overthrow it. Whether
> they have a plan that meets our aspirations on what is to come next,
> or not, it is their full right and own choice to rebel. We can be
> critical and actively disagree with their agenda, but we should never
> justify or whitewash the crimes of the regime against them. 

BTW, Happy New Years,


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