[Marxism] Socialists in Seattle: Anh Tran Transcript | Black Sheep: A Socialist Podcast

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 6 06:36:13 MST 2014

Just a few short weeks after Kshama Sawant emerged victorious running as 
a socialist for the Seattle City Council, we interviewed Anh Tran, 
Sawant’s assistant for the campaign. Tran also served as the volunteer 
coordinator for Sawant when she ran for the Washington State Legislature 
in 2012, so talking to Tran we were able to get a sense of the wider arc 
of the Seattle election.

For the interview, our main focus was trying to obtain a clear 
understanding of the campaign for the wider public; the Sawant election 
seems to have the attention of a wide swathe of US radicals (with 
greatly differing impressions) and it seemed important to have some 
basic interaction with the campaign to understand what was happening. 
One thread that continues through the interview is a discussion trying 
to understand how the campaign worked and why the participants thought 
that it was able to succeed.


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