[Marxism] Socialists in Seattle

David McDonald davidbyrnemcdonaldiii at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 15:05:27 MST 2014

The Seattle system, actually King County, is excellent. Tracking is
possible because your secret ballot is enclosed inside another envelope,
which you must sign. This allows anyone to challenge your ballot on the
ground of mismatched signature, but it is also possible for you to track
your own ballot to see if someone has challenged it. You can go online and
verify that your ballot has passed this level off scrutiny and is waiting
to be counted. But the list of people whose ballots are challenged is
public, so anyone can check on anyone else's ballot, offer to take them
downtown to go thru what you have to go through to get your signature,
address, whatever verified.

This was a bid advantage for Sawant because, unlike Conlin, she had troops
who could be deployed for this Jimmy Higgins work, whereas Conlin had only
money and in this instance no way to use it effectively.

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