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Yes Mahi, I agree.  Living wage has caught on. (segued to raising minimum)Reducing hours hasn't.  Even Guaranteed jobs is catching on faster, thanks probably mostly to persistence of John Conyers' introducing a bill every year.
Something I hate to bring up because it takes us further from closure on a simple phrase for reducing the hours required to earn a living wage:

People -- ranging from UBS's biennial Prices and Earnings in 72 Cities to Stewart (AFL VP for organizing)and the students who worked with the economist Sr ruth Rosenbaum who gathered the data on prices of necessities in a maquiladora border town to begin making the case for using the term "living wage" -- have taken to referring to "working time required to buy". This confuses,obfuscates, distracts from, and finally supplants the term  labor time embedded in, and thence that the exchange value of any commodity (& commoditized service) reduces to the necessary, or world average,  labor TIME in it at the TIME it is exchanged for money.  This of course changes as productivity develops unevenly and market prices continue to be manipulated by more than invisible clean hands.   But I believe it is in that confusion --between working time required to buy and labor time contained within --that the good intentions of progressive economists go awry. I learned, actually from Lani Guinier's brief against the Mobile School district, to judge by effect rather than intent, and not only because one can lie to oneself as well as others about one's intentions.  

I tried to raise the "working time to buy" versus "labor time to make (and sell) with the art piece 


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> Yes, this is a good idea.  A simple phrase helps give the topic validation.
> The term "living wage" really seems to have caught on.  I was able to use it with a new city council member in my area, who didn't seem used to use the term, but was very interested in the idea of the "living wage," as she seemed to be following politics in the Seattle area.  I brought up the idea of shortening work hours, but there isn't a movement or catch phrase for it, so the idea was probably too new for the council member, and the conversation stayed around the "living wage" instead.
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> We need to help build critical mass for this and get a phrase like 'reducing hours required to earn a living' into it
> Right to work  Right to life.  Yes. 
> The worm is turning.  Eating the words.  
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