[Marxism] Fwd: On the U.S. socialist group Solidarity: Let the dead bury the dead - IV,

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 09:42:22 MST 2014

*Joaquín is always so breathless. It's cute in a way. I think **Joaquín
needs to get out more. "Not a single socialist group...". That would
factually inaccurate. Especially on the West Coast. See, *

*Joaquín, I don't comment on Chicago 'cuz I ain't there. Or NY. Or Iowa.
But I sure as shit know the Bay Area better than you ever could. You can't
judge what socialist groups do by Solidarity, which I think is what you are
doing. I think Pham Bihn, whose excellent or at least interesting essay on
how socialists should of related to Occupy, was also hindered by his own
provincialism and focus on one group, in his case, the ISO. But I think
even Pham did a better job than you.Solidarity did not recruit. I don't
know that for a *fact* but it seems that way and I know an awful lot of
Solidarity members. I believe the problem there was that they are all old
farts (and I love 'em as great activists and union members by they are not
young and don't speak the language of youth. And you'd never know they were
in Solidarity unless you knew, hmm...knew they were in Solidarity to start

*Other groups did. Most of the Bay Area membership of Socialist Organizer,
my own little group, about the size of the Philly Socialists I believe,
recruited a majority of out membership out the various Occupy inspired
fight-back movements. This is also true, I *think* for La Voz, an smaller
Socialist group based in Berkeley. And for others as well. The groups that
recruited from Occupy were those that were first of all young in membership
and secondly were actually activists organizing real fight backs that
connected with Occupy. But thats SF/Oakland/Berkeley. The "old left", and
by that mean the biologically old left, simply couldn't relate, or so it
seems to me, in an impressionistic way.*

*And btw, so the fuck what? What does it matter if socialist groups
'recruit'? What does that prove? The ultra-left hyper sectarian Workers
Revolutionary Party lead by the murderous little toad Gerry Healy recruited
hundreds during the miners strike in the 1970s. So what? Recruitment
doesn't prove your perspectives are correct. It only means that your have
an organization that is attractive and is able to recruit. Doesn't make you
any less the fucked up, right? Recruitment is not a balance sheet!The issue
really for *anyone* is to build an actual movement that can create an
on-going movement of the working class that can lead our class to power. No
one has ever done that in the U.S. Whining, as you do, about what all our
groupscicles don't do is hardly productive. *

*Joaquín, you certainly don't care about this but you are the first
socialist I ever met. I was 14 and it was at the park where all the
protesters were hanging out during the Democratic Party convention in Miami
in 1972. You were at the YSA table. Your attitude then was markedly
different and in fact was somewhat inspiring, enough for me. Any youth
listening to you know would run in the other direction.David Walters*

*Pacifcia, CA*

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