[Marxism] Frankenpolitics: The Left defence of GMOs

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dave x <dave.xx at gmail.com> wrote:

Genes of organisms in the wild are normally subject to all sorts of
competitive pressures from their environment and the other organisms
around them.
However this is not true of modern mono-crops whose genetic makeup is kept
artificially static by modern agriculture. This means that modern crops
tend to suffer serious deficits of evolutionary fitness and simply could
not survive well without extensive human intervention to counter-act this


*Everything* that is domesticated cannot survive without human intervention
to counter-act its lack of fitness in a non-domesticated environment,
whether it's been sprinkled with evil GM juice or not.

Do you think that cabbages and tomatoes and chickens and shih tzus would
stay looking and tasting much the way they do for very long in the absence
of human intervention (not that you'd eat a shih tzu, but you get what I

We didn't pluck them from nature pristinely untouched like a sexless
cherub. We replaced natural selection with artificial selection. That's
what 'domestication' means. It is the precise opposite of 'in the wild'.

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