[Marxism] Hegel : 'hopeless baggage'?

shaun may mnwps at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 9 06:41:49 MST 2014

dave.xx wrote: *I think Hegel is hopeless baggage

and Quine and modern naturalism is great, etc, etc.*

Marx and Engels, and all the major figures who they 

subsequently influenced, would have disagreed. Here 

is link to a letter to Engels, dated Jan 16, 1858.


And here is my very modest contribution after a reading of Hegel.


The 'empirical' is, of course, indispensable. But Positivism is a 

different question. In my opinion, summa summarum, the pentobarbital 

of the the critical faculties of any revolutionary. 
Didn't Marx refer to it as *Scheisspositivismus*? *Facts, facts, facts, only 
facts matter*. So said Gradgrind in Dickenshttp://shaunpmay.wordpress.com
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