[Marxism] The Past and Future of the Morsi Government » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 9 07:17:42 MST 2014

Rather than facing the facts of Egypt’s Byzantine political system, the 
motley crowd of liberal parties looked inward at their own electoral 
weakness and refused to play. The MB had campaigned in 2005 as 
individuals, whereas the liberal parties had never campaigned. But one 
would ask them: how else could you build your political parties, other 
than by campaigning and demanding elections as quickly as possible? But 
they wouldn’t have it. They asked SCAF to act as a ‘guardian’ of the 
political system, whilst they would do whatever they thought they should 
do to prepare themselves for their future in politics. It was then in 
early 2011 that the revolution was lost, and that the 3rd July 2013 coup 
became the grindingly depressingly inevitable outcome of it all. The 
reason: SCAF had enormous economic power, beyond anybody’s wildest 
imagination, but it didn’t have political (or for that matter military) 
power. In 2011, SCAF was politically on a level-playing field with the 
MB and the liberal parties. Asking it to suddenly become the ‘guardian’ 
of the political system, rather than striking the electoral iron while 
it was hot, was asking for trouble. Perhaps the MB’s gradualism had a 
rationale after all? If so there would be no unprincipled 
‘power-grabbing’ here, merely political wisdom.


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