[Marxism] GMOs

Rick Sklader rsklader at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 12:10:50 MST 2014

This is the first time I've replied to a thread (not because I've not
desired to do so. I have some physical disabilities that make typing very

I am no anti-intellectual luddite. However, the current discussion about
GMOs  and their defense is unscientific gibberish!
Yes, humans have intervened for thousands of years with plants to first
make many into food. We know that as each new mode of production came into
being so to did scientific advances. The most obvious one is Mendel.
However, what Mendel and what ever other Mendel like person has done since
by hybridizing plants and developing new varieties for different climate
zones is qualitatively different than what Dow Chemical, Monsanto and their
ilk do.

Let me stop beating around the proverbial bush!.

1) Outside of the corporate "studies" that find GMOs "safe" there's no
studies finding that GMOs are safe for human consumption 2) There's NO
global scientific consensus that they're safe. 3) Contrary to industry
claims there's no scientific
evidence that GMOs increase yields. We do know, that the root systems of
GMO plants aren't as hardy or vigorous as non-GMO plants. 4) We also know,
that the use of GMOs have greatly increased the use of oil-based
herbicides/pesticides and
5) there's no evidence that GMOs have produced ANY social or economic
benefits except of course for the capitalists and all their various
lackeys, stooges and apologists.

GMOs under monopoly capitalism are NOT a good idea. There's no societal
controls and honestly who here believe that the market will police itself.

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