[Marxism] Hegel : 'hopeless baggage'?

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 14:50:34 MST 2014

Getting back to the original point about Positivism.  The conceit of
bourgeois social science was that they were going to develop sciences
capable of managing society--as of scientific management of the workplace.
So much inflation vs. so much employment, or efforts to define and manage
housing supply, etc.

This is what I was discussing when I talked about predictive social science.

I should not have responded glibly about sunrises and sunsets, because
"predictions" of a mass rebellion are not the same thing.  Anyone paying
attention to sunrises and sunsets can tell us down to the time and place
where these will happen. A better analogy to mass rebellion might be
something like a meteor or comet impact.

But, wait, these actually can be predicted with considerably better
certainty if we have the observations.  Mass rebellions are not so

Of course, the idea that people on a Marxism List would deny that rebellion
can and will take place is absurd . . . I hope.


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