[Marxism] Hegel : 'hopeless baggage'?

Charlie charles1848 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 10 18:03:24 MST 2014

Agreed that quantitative prediction is not the criterion of scientific 
knowledge. Nor replication, for that matter.

The problem with positivism and the bourgeois social science to which 
Mark refers are they do not earn their claim to be scientific. If you 
look through Taylor's Principles of Scientific Management, you see that 
there is nothing scientific about it. He measures but he does no science.

A scientific explanation does grasp something necessary, within 
specified conditions. It matters because scientific socialists have won 
the support of masses and achieved far more revolutionary change than 
the utopian socialists and the liberals who deny that the study of 
history can be scientific.

Despite some -ion terms above, I apologize for not using words like 
"sublate," "mediate," and in a more modern vein "post-Quinean."

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