[Marxism] Help wanted: Mandel on 'abundance' after capitalism

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 11:32:57 MST 2014

Ian, I don't have any citations for what you are asking for. But I have no
doubt in the years before he died, Mandel wrote what you are asking to see.
However, the reason this might be of interest is because in his well
circulated "Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory" he says basically  the
opposite, especially in his later chapters where he describes a classless
society. He uses the example of a washing machine and the cleaning of
clothes. He notes that in a future "abundant" society, not only would there
be socialized laundries (one of the oldest socialist demands to reliave the
drugery of women washing cloths) but also the "choice" of individuals
owning one. That socialist abundance could provide the resources for such a
choice. He was addressing the problems of Stalinist economies that limited
choice to whatever the state gave you with the monotone choices or no
choices we know about in terms of access to goods.


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