[Marxism] ZCommunications | Nepal: A vote of no confidence in Maoists by Feyzi Ismail | ZNet Article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jan 12 07:02:56 MST 2014

Since joining government the Maoists have been unable to focus on public 
provision, and unable to prove to the public their distinctiveness. 
Rather, they confirmed the widespread perception that all politicians 
are corrupt and uninterested in change. For this the Maoists barely 
mustered 80 seats. The Congress took a total of 196, 105 of which were 
elected through first-past-the-post. The UML also did well, taking 175 
seats. The collapse of the Maoist vote is thus related to their failure 
to produce any tangible results: in their most recent stint in 
government (together with a coalition of Madhesi parties), lasting 
almost 20 months, the Maoists were not only unable to provide material 
benefits for the poorest but made only marginal progress on policy. The 
most visible failure was not producing the promised Constitution, which 
they along with others claimed would bring political stability. But 
perhaps part of the problem was not the failure to write the 
Constitution but an overemphasis on the Constitution, and not enough on 
providing material benefits – the roads, schools and health clinics that 
are sorely lacking.


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