[Marxism] The end of Palestine?

Marv Gandall marvgand2 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 12:36:20 MST 2014

> On 2014-01-11, at 2:32 PM, Glenn Kissack wrote:
> I have found that Finkelstein can be a bit inconsistent. A few years ago I heard him speak at the Judson Church, where he surprised everyone by saying the Israeli Lobby was growing weaker and the Palestinians were winning. Now he seems to be saying that the other side will get what they want. I also don’t quite get this dismissal of BDS. 

Finkelstein is saying that BDS is irrelevant, and that Palestinian "civil society" and its foreign supporters should instead be urgently trying to block the pending accord - in effect, a document outlining the terms of surrender which will render BDS moot. However, I doubt Finkelstein really believes this to be a more viable strategy. Not when the bulk of the interview is a detailed examination of the adverse regional and international balance of forces, the readiness to bow to it of the corrupt PA leadership and even Hamas, and (Patrick's and Andrew's wilful optimism notwithstanding) the absence for some time of any widespread active resistance by the Palestinian masses against the occupation. Implicit in Finkelstein's belief that a settlement will be imposed on the Palestinians is a recognition that their historic struggle against the Zionist settler colony is exhausted. Landlocked and subject to continued military and economic control by their more powerful neighbour, they may well have settle with their enemy on less favourable terms than did the ANC in South Africa and the Provisional IRA in Northern Ireland. I hope Finkelstein and those like myself who share his perspective are wrong, but this presently seems the most probable outcome.

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