[Marxism] What Sort of Party Do We Need? | Facing Reality

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jan 12 15:41:21 MST 2014

Most “revolutionary parties” around the world, despite all the 
theorising about the importance of The First Four Congresses of the 
Communist International, tend to base their organisational structures on 
the Fifth Congress of the Comintern and the 1923 conference of the 
Russian Communist Party.

This version of democratic-centralism has the Central Committee firmly 
in control of the Party – appointing all full-timers, using a slate 
system for all CC positions, no criticism of any Party position outside 
the Party, an expectation on all members to argue for majority positions 
publicly, a ban on factions, opposistionist excluded from leading roles, 
a ban on “horizontal” communication between branches, infrequent 
internal bulletins, CC dominance of Disputes Committee, and “united 
fronts” set up by and controlled by The Party. All these “innovations”, 
or “improvements” on previous Bolshevik organisational methods, what I 
jokingly labelled “Magical-Leninism”, have recently been critiqued at 
length elsewhere. All I will say here is that any new left organisation 
has to be fully democratic.


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