[Marxism] Interesting discussion of work (and refusal to work) on PEN-L

Peggy Dobbins pegdobbins at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 22:57:25 MST 2014

Thanks John G.  That's about as good a description of what appears the general condition of 30 to 45 year old men I know as I've seen anywhere: from nobel economists to prize winning filmmakers.  I'd like to post on Facebook.  Let me know if ok peggypowelldobbins at facebook.com


> John G.:
> speaking as sorta fresh college grad, working on becoming a teacher, the job market for young people is really twisted.
> I'm about to do some semi-regular substitute teaching for a school district. This is a form of temp work. But it's lightyears ahead of what I've been doing.
> I worked at starbucks for a few months and the manager was an older lady who 'retired' or fell from a decent post in real estate. . . .  And so her attitude to young people, who have no sane economic hopes, was one of condescension and criticism and a subtle cruelty. I left a few months into it because it was dissatisfying, underpaying, and was exhausting me so that I couldn't actually work on networking or getting a better job.
> This past december I had a job that lasted maybe an hour . . . he said "we have different managing styles." Then he said that I was no longer welcome and that I was basically fired.
> Petty, confusing, unexplainable. I know people working on their master's degrees working in starbucks. People with finance degrees in clothes shops. I'd say that the apathy is deepening, if that were possible. On places like 4chan, there's a cultural fetishization of a NEET-lifestyle, and working to try and get on SS disability and the like. Other young people take a fuck-it attitude, or turn to the black market, or turn to Rainbow gathering and hitchhiking. All this of course means either reliance on foodstamps, increasingly resentful resource drains on parents, family, friends, and a loss of hope, 

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