[Marxism] Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Quine and Hegel

David P Á david at miradoiro.com
Mon Jan 13 00:29:23 MST 2014

This matter of dialectics and formal logic is pretty complex and I'm not
an expert in either, so I'll just point one thing out.

Logic, especially since work by Frege, has come a long way from the
Aristotelian rules of inference. Many of the complaints I hear about
formal logic (and hence in favour of dialectics) relate to logic being
incapable of representing change, relations, etc. This is perhaps
somewhat true of classical logics, but there have been formalisations of
these things since. For example relational semantics:

Generally, I think there probably is something to dialectics at least as
a heuristic. That said, I also think it gets overused to justify
nonsense and to make claims without the required evidence. For example
the notion that the universe must be infinite in time and space, because
dialectics, seems rather overstated to me.


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