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  Tune in to Building Bridges on WBAI 99.5 FM /
Monday, Jan. 13 at 7 pm for a tribute to Amiri Baraka and to CPRMetro
Saturday, January 17 at 10 am for the stream of his homegoing


Friday, January 17, 2014   4:00 - 9:00PM
Metropolitan Baptist Church
149 Springfield Avenue
Newark, New Jersey 07103


        Saturday, January 18, 2014   10AM
       Newark Symphony Hall
    1020 Broad Street
       Newark, New Jersey 07102

 For more on Amiri's life and work:

A 2007 interview in which Amiri talks about his life, politics and art,
Black-Brown unity and the politics of the day:

Democracy Now! tribute to Amiri:

Thanks to African Voices for permission to reprint the following photo and
poem, also available online at
Thanks also to the photographer, JoAnn Cheathan, and the poet, Gha'il
Rhodes Benjamin.


*Amiri Baraka     October 7, 1934-January 9, 2014*
         [image: justiceunity.com/0FDCC0A3.png]
         Photo: JoAnn Cheathan. Ellie Charles Artists Award ceremony.
         *King of Word (for Amiri Baraka's 75th birthday)*

        U was never
        Nor stationary
  Nor regular
     U was always
    Using your pen
  As sword
        Fighting/ tearing down
  In-justices in high and low places

        U was never silent but/ even when u wasn't
      sayin' a word
   your words spoke endless decades of life and
    death on pages as
       permanent as the equations of brownskinned
      mathematicians encoding
 sanctuaries of memories in our veins
    your words
      a drum never losing tempo
       escorting us beyond blabbering repertoires of

        U is OUR poet laureate
  cause can't nobody
      slice through the BS like you do

        uncensored u stand with DIG-nity
        straight from the gut
   on your tongue the melody of
    ancestral footsteps running in horrific discord
 u say the words the deaf can hear
       u speak the words that
  pierce a seeing man's eyes into blinding truths

        U 75 now, they tell me
  but what do that mean
   with a man moving full steam ahead
      up/down every avenue
    all at once boiling
       the lies out of his-tories' illusive fabrications

        fore you even changed your name
 it was your name
        waiting for the change that you came to become
        you been here always
    scripting out
   the next revolution
     documenting how it went down FOREAL

        "judge a man by his deeds" the old folks say
    your deeds ain't nowhere near done
      but one thing for sure
  u was never ordinary
    u was never hesitant
 waiting for somebody else
       to say what needed to be said
   u was always adding another word
        to even the score on the wall

        ŠŠand so it is written

        U is King of Word cause
 can't nobody CHANGE a word u said

        © 2009 Gha'il Rhodes Benjamin, Let Loose on the World Anthology

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