[Marxism] Rosa Luxemburg's legacy lives on

En Passant with John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Mon Jan 13 18:29:42 MST 2014

95 years ago, on the night of 15 January 1919, Rosa Luxemburg, one of the great leaders in the history of the socialist movement, was murdered. Her legacy lives on. The choice we face today is no less stark than that which Luxemburg saw confronting humanity at the height of World War I. The continuation of a system of capitalism built on violence, injustice and poverty for the vast majority of people. Or the struggle for socialism - a society and economy democratically and collectively controlled by workers, in which the vast capacities and resources of humanity are no longer sacrificed on the alter of the market, but can be turned to providing the things we need to live a decent life.


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