[Marxism] Source of Rosa Luxemburg Quote?

Ed George edgeorge1963 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 05:20:34 MST 2014

Is this - 'Wie Lassalle  sagte, ist und bleibt die revolutionärste Tat, 
immer ›das laut zu  sagen, was ist‹.' ('As Lassalle said, it is and 
remains the  most revolutionary act to always "say loudly what is"') - 
then not the same as what Trotsky referred to in the 1933 'It is 
Imposssible to Remain in the Same International with the Stalins, 
Manuilskys, Lozovskys & Co.' when he said: 'Ferdinand Lassalle, who was 
no stranger to opportunism or adventurism, nevertheless expressed 
perfectly well the fundamental requirement of revolutionary politics: 
“Every great action begins with the statement of what is.”'?

The question then, I suppose, is where Lassalle said it.


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