[Marxism] Source of Rosa Luxemburg Quote?

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I hope I can help a bit.This should be the quote which has slightly been 
altered by Luxemburg and Trotsky.

»Alle große politische Aktion besteht im Aussprechen dessen, was ist, 
und beginnt damit. Alle politische Kleingeisterei besteht in dem 
Verschweigen und bemänteln dessen, was ist.«

in English: “All great political action consists of and begins with, 
speaking out about that which is. All political petty-mindedness 
consists of being silent and covering up that which is.”

Source: Ferdinand Lassalle: Was nun? Zweite Rede über Verfassungswesen, 
19.11.1862; in: Ausgewählte Reden und Schriften, Dietz-Verlag, Berlin 
1991, p.127

I am quoting from the book in front of me.


Am 16.01.2014 13:20, schrieb Ed George:
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> Is this - 'Wie Lassalle  sagte, ist und bleibt die revolutionärste 
> Tat, immer ›das laut zu  sagen, was ist‹.' ('As Lassalle said, it is 
> and remains the  most revolutionary act to always "say loudly what 
> is"') - then not the same as what Trotsky referred to in the 1933 'It 
> is Imposssible to Remain in the Same International with the Stalins, 
> Manuilskys, Lozovskys & Co.' when he said: 'Ferdinand Lassalle, who 
> was no stranger to opportunism or adventurism, nevertheless expressed 
> perfectly well the fundamental requirement of revolutionary politics: 
> “Every great action begins with the statement of what is.”'?
> The question then, I suppose, is where Lassalle said it.
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