[Marxism] On The End of My Adjunct Teaching Career

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On The End of My Adjunct Teaching Career
January 1, 2014 By Daniel Fincke

Over the last eleven years, from January 2003 until December 2013, I 
taught 22 consecutive semesters and two summer sessions of philosophy 
classes. I have taught an estimated 2,500 university students over the 
course of 93.5 classes at 7 universities (Fordham University, William 
Paterson University, St. John’s University, Fairfield University, 
Hofstra University, Hunter College City University of New York, City 
College City University of New York), spread across 9 campuses, 4 bodies 
of land, and 3 states. I have taught Introduction to Ethics, Moral 
Philosophy, Contemporary Issues in Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, 
Ancient Philosophy, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Modern Philosophy 
to the Present, Business Ethics, Philosophy of Human Nature, and 
Introduction to Philosophy. In one semester I taught 9 sections of 
philosophy at 5 universities (spread across three states) to set a 
personal record.

I have had semesters where I have woken at 4:30am to commute from my 
Manhattan apartment to Connecticut, only to commute four hours at midday 
to either Long Island or New Jersey for an evening class, and not arrive 
home until as late as 11:30pm. I have worked 6 day weeks. And in the 
spring of 2013, ran a 7 day a week schedule after I added to my 8 
university classes 4 self-run online, interactive classes held through 
video conferencing. I have done all of this teaching while either 
researching and writing a doctoral dissertation and/or churning out 
thousands of philosophical words a month on this blog. For all these 
efforts, I have been paid between merely $2,500-$4,200 per section of 
Philosophy, with no health insurance or retirement benefits or any other 
such alternate forms of compensation (while each class I taught 
generated $35,000-$105,000 in revenue to the universities).


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