[Marxism] Two New Pieces from Linux Beach

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 23:39:23 MST 2014

One is by me and one is not:

      Echoes of American First in anti-war movement today?

> Mark Twain famously said /"History doesn't repeat itself, but it
> rhymes,"/ and I think some troubling similarities can be found between
> the pro-Hitler anti-interventionist movement led by Charles Lindbergh
> and organize by the American First Committee before the US entered
> World War II, and the current anti-interventionists
> /"anti-imperialist"/ anti-war movement that has been promoting a
> /"Hands Off Syria"/ approach to the devastation Bashar al-Assad has
> been wrecking on his country. For example, In 1941 New Republic
> columnist & AFC'er John Flynn published *Should America Fight to Make
> Europe Safe for Communism?* which claimed that supporting the fight
> against Hitler put us on the side of the communists, then the
> bogeyman. In August 2013 ex-journalist Robert Fisk published *Does
> Obama know he’s fighting on al-Qa’ida’s side?* which I critiqued in a
> recent post
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2014/01/re-examing-ex-journalist-robert-fisk-on.html>,
> in which he claimed that if the United States supported the struggle
> against Bashar al-Assad, it would be on the side of al Qaeda, the
> current bogeyman. Does anyone else see parallels between these two
> rhetorical questions?

      Why calling for “diplomatic solutions” stabs the Syrian Revolution
      in the back

> By Andrew Pollack
> January 15, 2014
> republished by permission
> On January 14th came reports of the conclusion of a two-day
> UN-sponsored conference attended by a self-selected group of women
> discussing how to increase female participation at the proposed Geneva
> II conference and its aftermath. Nowhere in the statements coming out
> of the event was there any indication that those seeking to achieve
> greater gender balance in Geneva have any problem with its core
> mission: to let imperialist powers dictate /“peace” /terms to Syrian
> revolutionaries.


I hope you find them both good reads..

In Solidarity,


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