[Marxism] Mobs in Tahrir Square?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 17 08:46:06 MST 2014

Ms. Mary Lynn Cramer,

I read your piece in the latest Counterpunch on the documentary "The 
Square" in which you allege:

 >>The very moving ‘trailer” (available at the program URL set out 
above) also ignores the years of US involvement in training, financing, 
and supplying those young “lap toppers” dedicated to the overthrow of 
Mubarak.  The director lays out the drama as originating spontaneously 
by youth from within Egypt, ignores the decades of labor organizing, 
massive strikes, and workers demonstrations, that the so-called “Tahrir 
square” movement fed off (co-opted); and pretty much ignores that 
history and its significance preceding the mobs in the square, and 
continuing to protest after the mobs retreated from the square.<<

There is so much confusion in this paragraph that one hardly knows where 
to begin. The term "embarrassment of riches" might be applicable if 
amended slightly to "embarrassment of offal".

Your reference to American skullduggery behind the Tahrir Square "mobs" 
is straight out of the Global Research toilet bowl. At least Tony 
Carlucci was consistent enough to openly describe the revolt as a 
"colored revolution", which is clearly your position as well. One 
supposes that you agree with him that the Occupy Wall Street movement 
was also a "colored revolution" since George Soros supported it, etc., 
ad nauseam.

Not that it matters very much, but your article refers to Karim Amer as 
the director of "The Square" when in fact he was the producer. As 
someone who obviously treats the facts as a lark, this comes as no 
surprise. The director is Jehane Noujaim. Just to clue you in to the 
finer points of filmmaking, a producer is responsible for the business 
end of a film while a director is the person who stands next to the 
camera and yells out "Lights, camera, action". I hope you find that helpful.

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