[Marxism] Iran executes 40 people in January

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 10:32:23 MST 2014

You can't make this shit up. Just last night I read Chapter Two in Ernest
Mandel's "Power and Money," in which he details the social roots of the
behavior and ideology of bureaucracy members and fellow-travelers,
including the psychological suppression/repression/delusion impelling them
to deny crimes and/or to insist they must not be discussed for fear of
giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

And here we have trusty old Eli, NOT just challenging the veracity of the
account, NOT just claiming that it may have been truly related only to
drug-dealing (which, for all I know, is possible), but actually, literally,
and sickeningly telling us to shut the fuck up or we'll be giving aid and
comfort bla bla bla...

If I'm sounding snarky and sarcastic it's because for the last 12 hours
I've been involved in a parallel debate over a pro-Assad statement put out
by alleged supporters of Palestine (see mondoweiss).


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