[Marxism] Iran executes 40 people in January

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Fri Jan 17 11:23:03 MST 2014

No Andrew, you do not sound snarky - Eli's attempt to divert the discussion
is eerily similar to the Zionists admonishing us to criticize the crimes of
all the other countries of the world - "There is enough, WAY more than
enough, to focus on that without delving into abuses of justice" (in

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> You can't make this shit up. Just last night I read Chapter Two in Ernest
> Mandel's "Power and Money," in which he details the social roots of the
> behavior and ideology of bureaucracy members and fellow-travelers,
> including the psychological suppression/repression/delusion impelling them
> to deny crimes and/or to insist they must not be discussed for fear of
> giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
> And here we have trusty old Eli, NOT just challenging the veracity of the
> account, NOT just claiming that it may have been truly related only to
> drug-dealing (which, for all I know, is possible), but actually, literally,
> and sickeningly telling us to shut the fuck up or we'll be giving aid and
> comfort bla bla bla...
> If I'm sounding snarky and sarcastic it's because for the last 12 hours
> I've been involved in a parallel debate over a pro-Assad statement put out
> by alleged supporters of Palestine (see mondoweiss).
> Andy
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