[Marxism] Iran executes 40 people in January

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 17 14:56:56 MST 2014

On 1/17/14 12:25 PM, Eli Stephens wrote:
> Turley's article blames the executions on "Sharia excess," and doesn't
> bother to mention the detail reported by AI, who actually reported that
> "most" of the executions (they don't specify what the others were) were for
> "drug-related offenses," which are crimes (though not death-penalty

I think everybody has to be clear about what these trials are based on. 
There are no defense attorneys. The judges are clerics and often make up 
their mind in minutes. I am all for defending Iran's right to develop 
nuclear power and even to build a-bombs that will scare the shit out of 
imperialism so badly that it will never dream of attacking the country, 
but the criminal justice system in Iran is a fucking joke. The left has 
no business functioning as spin doctors for a medieval system. I am 
surprised that they don't dunk people under water to wrest a confession. 
Well, they have other means, I guess:


Beatings, verbal abuse and degradation,  and illegal treatments started 
at the very moment of my arrest.  During my arrest, tear gas was used, 
which prior to this had only been used in the streets and open air. 
Breathing teargas in a confined space made me feel as if I were choking 
and rendered me unable to move. Still, the security officials did not 
stop at that. With great spite and hostility they began to beat me, 
punching and kicking me, so that they could turn me over to their 
superiors at Evin prison with a bloody nose,  mouth and bleeding teeth 
and shackled arms and legs. Interestingly enough when I objected to the 
treatment I received by vowing to launch a complaint against the 
approximately twenty security officials [who had come to arrest me], 
they responded with profanity and vile curses against myself and the 
judge. Of course this was just a warm up for the start of my 
interrogations, where interrogators targeted my body and spirit.  From 
the very beginning, I was faced with this constant proclamation that 
“the regime has suffered a crack” and the constant promise that “you 
will all be executed.”

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