[Marxism] Was Dallas Buyers Club’s Ron Woodroof gay or bisexual? Friends and doctor say maybe, so why did the movie make him straight?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jan 18 07:29:00 MST 2014

Those who knew Woodroof were surprised when they saw him portrayed this 
way on the screen. In November, Arnold Wayne Jones wrote an article for 
the Dallas Voice, which stated that Woodroof “was not a homophobe … 
according to those who knew him, but rather openly bisexual.” This week 
I contacted one of Jones’ sources, Dr. Steven Pounders, who was 
Woodroof’s primary care physician. “I never witnessed any homophobia in 
the time I knew him from 1988 through his death in 1992,” Dr. Pounders 
told me. “He fit right in the gay environment without problems.” Was 
Woodroof straight? “Brenda, his ex-wife, stated that he was bisexual,” 
says Dr. Pounders. (“Brenda and he were married, then divorced, but they 
remained close until his death,” he explained.)

Bill Minutaglio, who followed and interviewed Woodroof for a six-page 
feature in Dallas Life magazine, agreed. “He was not homophobic,” he 
told me. “Far from it.” As for Woodroof’s sexuality, Minutaglio told me, 
“I don’t know if Ron was gay or bisexual, but he clearly had many 
friends and supporters in the gay community.


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