[Marxism] British racists still gung-ho for Assad

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jan 18 07:37:57 MST 2014

Reviled though he might officially be by David Cameron’s right-of-centre 
cabinet, Bashar al-Assad has never been short of friends in the fustier, 
more bucolic hinterlands of authentic, red-blooded British reactionism.

Everyone knows of the now-bankrupt British National Party leader MEP 
Nick Griffin’s “fact-finding” trip to Damascus in June, which was short 
on facts but long on things like warm handshakes with Assad’s prime 
minister and praise for the “better job” Hezbollah has done than 
London’s policemen in “dealing with ‘British’ Jihadi cut-throats.”

But while Griffin may be a crackpot – he has since washed up in Athens, 
where he denounced the government’s “totally illegal” crackdown on the 
“patriots” of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn crime gang – his way of thinking 
on Syria is shared by somewhat saner conservatives, like Peter Hitchens, 
who has insinuated the 2011 protests were a foreign conspiracy and said 
the region-wide refugee crisis is “largely [Cameron’s] fault.”


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