[Marxism] And this is how subscribers of this list can help Ukrainians fighting creation of police state

Sergii Kutnii mnkutster at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 14:52:42 MST 2014

Help the following statement reach the MEPs, please

To the members of GUE/NGL faction in the European Parliament,
Gabriele Zimmer

Dear comrades.,

We, the members of leftist, trade union and human rights organizations
in Ukraine, as well as individual activists, would like to draw your
attention to the recent events in our country.

On Thursday, 16th of January 2014 without the discussion and contrary
to its own regulations and to the Constitution of Ukraine, the
Ukrainian parliament, passed a series of laws directed at limiting
freedom of speech and citizens’ right to peaceful protest. One of the
approved items is the infamous amendment to the Criminal Code which
bans so-called “extremism”. In this amendment “inciting social
discord” is defined as “extremism”. It is clear that any kind of
drawing attention to social problems, to the blatant inequality that
exists in Ukrainian society, can be qualified as “inciting social
discord”, therefore the activities of left, trade union and social
activists in Ukraine can be criminalized to a large extent.

The Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) plays a particularly shameful
part in these events. Not only did the Communist Party’s faction
unanimously voted for the repressive bills, but the CPU official
website also features materials that condemn the recent protests as
being inspired by foreign actors with the aim of destabilizing
Ukraine. Spreading such opinion, the CPU in fact fulfills the task of
the whitewashing of Yanukovych’s regime.

It is true that open anti-communists do play a significant role on
Maidan, but this anti-communism is caused mostly by the arrogant
position of the Communist Party itself. It is not the first time the
CPU has tried to de-legitimize civil protests and adopted a
conservative position. In addition to this, in the country that
suffered the catastrophic losses caused by hunger and repressions
during the Stalinist regime, the CPU refuses to condemn the actions of
the USSR’s leaders or at least apologize for them, which makes
socialist ideas less popular in Ukrainian society.

Yanukovych’s regime has demonstrated its readiness for repressions. It
is evident today that the CPU will use its international connections
in order to justify this regime’s actions. That is why we believe that
the left all around the world and especially in the European Union
must terminate any relations with the Communist Party of Ukraine and
condemn its actions.

We believe that the party that treats popular uprisings with open
hatred, the party that speaks out against “inciting social discord”,
is not fit to be called communist or leftist and is “communist” in
name only.

We ask you to bring this letter to the attention of the leadership of
the parties which are members of your Union.

Autonomous Workers Union – Kyiv,



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