[Marxism] Mondoweiss as a Baathist outlet

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jan 18 16:02:25 MST 2014

The comments underneath Talal Aylan's article on Yarmouk are really 
quite shocking, as bad as Moon of Alabama--an open sewer of Baathist 
talking points.

It seems that Annie Robbins, the editor-at-large of Mondoweiss, is a 
mouth-breathing Baathist tool based on her comment under Talal's article:

i’m sorry, but i can’t throw my lot with fighters who slice open the 
chest of non believers and eat their heart out. this is not a 
‘revolution’ i can support and it has nothing to do with the palestinian 
cause just because some of those radicalized jhiadist might be 
palestinians. and i’m also not saying or implying most or all 
palestinians who have a dog in this fight are aligned with those 
factions. and there are rebels aligned with those with legitimate 
aspiration of freedom in syria fighting against assad, but they 
shouldn’t embed inside a densely populated refugee camp.

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