[Marxism] My comment that Mondoweiss refused to post

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 08:00:25 MST 2014

it took them three days to post my comment; yours from the 17th is up
there, maybe they'll post the rest later
in the meantime, SJPers are getting signatures for a counter-statement

On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 9:54 AM, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

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> I am really quite shocked by the level of Islamophobia on display here
> that comes straight out of the “war on terror” rhetoric of both Putin and
> Bashar al-Assad. It is almost as if I have wandered into the Moon of
> Alabama website.
> There is a deep malaise obviously at work in “Palestinian solidarity”
> circles, which is probably rooted in the bogus credentials of the Baathist
> dictatorship as a front-line state against Israel. Of course, you can only
> adopt that orientation in clear ignorance of the facts. It was Bashar
> al-Assad’s father who colluded with the Phalangists and Israel to slaughter
> Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila.
> It is hardly worth answering the Baathist talking points here. At this
> stage of the game, anybody who sides with a government that drops barrel
> bombs on civilians is beyond hope.
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