[Marxism] Responses to the One-Sided New York Times Article of Jan. 13, 2014 | Save the CUNY Graduate Center for Worker Education

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jan 19 08:09:28 MST 2014

As a graduate of the GCWE, and former student of Professor Wilson, I 
serve as Chair of the Committee of Concerned Students, Alumni, Faculty, 
and Staff – a group determined to assure the campus at 25 Broadway 
remains dedicated to worker education.  I was disheartened to read 
Monday’s article publicly airing unproven accusations with little 
mention of what is the more important story of Brooklyn College’s 
destruction of an internationally lauded worker education program. In my 
experience, the GCWE provided an outstanding MA program that is 
otherwise not available to non-traditional students in NYC. 
Unfortunately, this article promulgates a false narrative without the 
due diligence that would otherwise uncover a Brooklyn College 
administration that left students and alumni of the GCWE unnecessarily 
defending the merit of their degrees. In a larger social context this 
shows how people of color, immigrants, single mothers, and the working 
class are all too frequently denied access to higher education and 
maligned in the process.

full: http://workereddefense.org/2014/01/18/responses-to-the-nyt/

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