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It seems that the connections between the baathists and the jihadists just
keep growing.

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> The page indicates that the ISIS leadership council is 100 percent Iraqi,
> saying that Baghdadi would not accept any other nationality, since he does
> not trust anyone. The number of people in the council always changes,
> ranging between eight and 13 people. The leadership of the council is held
> by three former Iraqi army officers who served during the regime of Saddam
> Hussein.
> They are commanded by a former Iraqi army colonel called Hajji Bakr, who
> joined ISIS when it was under the command of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi (killed
> in 2010). Hajji Bakr was appointed as a consultant to Abu Omar al-Baghdadi
> and Abu Hafs al-Muhajir, after providing them with military information
> about combat plans and communication methods with former Baath commanders
> full: http://english.al-akhbar.com/content/al-qaeda-leaks-
> baghdadi-and-golani-fight-over-levant-emirate
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