[Marxism] Martin Luther King, the Klan, the FBI & the U.S. Congress

Charles Faulkner lacenaire at comcast.net
Sun Jan 19 23:50:25 MST 2014

here's an article i wrote for commemoration last year of dr. king's death.  it introduces evidence that not only was the, quite natural, suspicion of klan involvement in the murder justified but the murder  never was investigated in a thorough manner despite the true, yet deceptive, claim that it was the most expensive manhunt in fbi history.  the fbi followed quite a lot of ridiculous leads (like investigating the dance lessons of a john willard [ a ray alias] in nowhere texas because it was within 100 miles of a route that ray drove -  this is not in the article) but failed to look at things as obvious that ray opened a safe deposit box (the only time in his life) at a well known klan bank. 

additional investigation for a subsequent article is revealing that the fbi not merely soft-pedalled the investigation but actively mislead the public regarding things they knew.  that article i hope to get out this year. 

i do not believe that the government killed king as william pepper tried to prove in his phony trial but rather that as active enemies of the civil rights movement they were not motivated to act on its behalf, especially if it meant uncovering their infiltration of the radical right.  they wanted to control the klan , not destroy it. 


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