[Marxism] MRZine tweet on Iran

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 20 07:22:27 MST 2014

As everybody knows, the editor of this Monthly Review outlet (and board 
member John Mage) were long-time ardent supporters of President 
Ahmadinejad. At one point the editor dubbed Iran as "more socialist" 
than Venezuela.

In an obvious turn, they now regard the new president as a betrayal of 
Ahmadinejad's socialist principles as if Stalin had replaced Trotsky. 
Given the editor's inability to spell out her ideas and the zine's 
failure to draft experts on the region, most of their new thinking is 
reflected in tweets.

Today you can find a tweet that links to an interview with an Iranian 
economist in Al Monitor that is a blistering attack on Rouhani. The 
economist, one Fariborz Raisdan, states:

"You know, I did not only criticize the Rouhani administration. When it 
comes to the economy, I criticize all previous administrations. They 
were all capitalist administrations with semi-governmental monopolies. 
All these administrations were basically opposed to any effective form 
of welfare, scientific planning or democratic and cooperative programs 
that would increase equality. For all of them, making more profit by 
relying heavily on petroleum revenue, heavy capital investment, trade 
and real estate has always been the number-one goal. The fact that the 
Rouhani administration is moderate and neoliberal, that Hashemi’s 
administration was also moderate and neoliberal, that [Mahmoud] 
Ahmadinejad’s administration was conservative-populist and used radical 
policies against internal and external opposition groups or that 
Khatami’s administration was also neoliberal with a bit of tendency 
toward planning and organizations does not take away their common 

Well, certainly. But the question is if this is true, why did the editor 
fail to adhere to Marxist principles in all the years she was hectoring 
mailing lists and Richard Seymour's readers with her pro-Ahmadinejad 
talking points? Maybe the tweet reflects a turn toward Marxism by some 
of the principals at MR. Let's hope so.

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