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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 20 08:01:53 MST 2014

 From the Self-Defense Group of Aquila, Michoacán to the general public:

Today, the residents of the municipal seat of Aquila, tired of the 
extortions, rapes, killings, kidnappings and all sorts of criminal acts 
committed by the Knights Templar; given the complete abandonment of the 
citizenry by the municipal and state governments who for 12 years did 
not provide the security needed for our people to have a peaceful and 
dignified life; we have decided to organize our self-defense group in 
order to expel organized crime from our town, and we invite the rest of 
the people of the municipality to rise up against crime, so they never 
again feel fear or pay protection fees.

As is known from the national and international media, our municipality 
previously attempted to remove the yoke of organized crime. This 
movement was led by members of the indigenous community of San Miguel 
Aquila. This community is one of the four that comprises the 
municipality, and is owner of an iron mine whose resources are exploited 
by the transnational mining company Ternium. This company pays a royalty 
to the indigenous community for the extracted iron, which it hauls from 
Aquila, Michoacán to Tecomán, Colima, and organized crime charges them a 
monthly quota. That is to say, they ask the residents to part with the 
money they receive. If they don’t pay, they kill them. So the indigenous 
from this community decided to form their community guard in order to 
protect their heritage, life and dignity. They invited us to join them, 
but we, as prisoners of fear of the reprisals from organized crime, 
decided not to support them.

full: http://elenemigocomun.net/2014/01/self-defense-aquila-michoacan/

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