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The Discipline of Western Supremacy
Modes of Foreign Relations and Political Economy, Volume III
Kees van der Pijl
Hardback | 9780745323183 | £25 / $42 / €32
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EPUB | 9781849648899 | £25 / $42 / €32

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'Kees van der Pijl challenges us to understand the world in its full
complexity and contradictory actuality. ' – Peter Bratsis, Lecturer in
Political Theory, University of Salford

'At once a history of contemporary political thought situated in the
sharply and darkly etched landscape of the 20th century; an account of
foreign relations that offers an indispensable guide to the relation of
politics and power; and an elegant, complex, unnerving and rude journey
through the reproduction of Western supremacy via the transformative power
of the social sciences, and  the discipline of  international relations
chief among them. A work to ponder and challenge and be challenged by as it
exposes the intellectual and political origins of the operations of
American academia.' – Irene Gendzier, Boston University (Emeritus)

'Concluding an intellectually ambitious trilogy covering international
relations across the ages, this audacious analysis of the American
discipline of international relations is self-consciously written from the
margin. Grounded in historical materialism, Kees Van Der Pijl takes aim at
Anglo-America’s Lockean solution to the world’s Hobbesian problem.
Producing knowledge as the handmaiden of a power that disciplines the world
is not what American IR professors think they are doing; they better read
this book to appreciate more fully that this is precisely what many around
the world think of them.' – Peter J. Katzenstein, Walter S. Carpenter Jr.,
Professor of International Studies, Cornell University

'Why to study "Rawls in China"?, Kees van der Pijl asked rather
rhetorically at a conference in order to show that despite the dynamic
re-structuring of the world, Western thinking claims to be universal. This
is especially true for the discipline of International Relations which
defends its supposed supremacy. This book shows in an incredibly informed
and fascinating way the historical roots and, mechanisms of the making of
this supremacy. And its severe crisis. Moreover, this work is a strong
claim for a heterodox International or even Global Political Economy.
Historical materialist analysis at its best!' – Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand,
Chair of International Politics at the University of Vienna


Concluding the acclaimed and award-winning trilogy on 'Modes of Foreign
Relations and Political Economy', this is a magisterial historical
sociology of International Relations theory.

In The Discipline of Western Supremacy Kees van der Pijl argues that, from
the late European Middle Ages, Anglophone thinkers articulated an imperial
world-view which was adopted by aspirant elites elsewhere. Nation-state
formation under the auspices of the English-speaking West has henceforth
informed thinking about international affairs. After decolonisation the
study of comparative politics continued to develop under those same
auspices as part of a comprehensive framework.

This book, the first of its kind, aims to provide a complete overview of
mainstream International Relations as a set of theories which translate
Western supremacy into intellectual hegemony.



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